The laws of thermodynamics and attraction

A lot of growth means recognizing patterns;  I keep sticking the gold key in the top lock even though it’s not and when we see the patterns we own it and can boot it out on its cans or stuff its belly with our lives until we have a five hundred pound tumor pattern on our back and human beings do both;  for me it’s attracting certain personality types and starting to catch on to it;  even though I may get rid of the person, the type will reappear again and again until it’s flushed out like a fading stain.

One type is the Energy Vortex manipulator. This is where the person essentially acts out drama using everyone around them as players without any concern of consequences and especially gifted in using words to suck you in to the hole and convincing you you’re wrong no matter what stance you take; carrots are orange, carrots are striped, I’m right I’m right! I had this with two women in my life over the past several years and last year when I ran into the second I woke up to it and the good news was that it was weaker than the first storm and I caught it;  I”ll expound on that uncensored fairy tale some other time on stage probably.

The second type is the neurotic secret artist writer person in a position of authority over me. The first was a sociopath who was my manager at New York Times, whom they allowed to fire me while naming him employee of the month; also another story to unfold when I have the moments; he would tell me his science fiction story ideas while showcasing his complete inability to work with humans or show knowledge in my field of expertise.  Very dark energy and petty.  I ran into the same type a few years later while developing my script with a production company. The developer made me feel like I was stuffed inside a toaster oven when I was done speaking with him.  Very uncomfortable.

So it’s about patterns and seeing them for the first time so you can stop them and I do believe in the law of attraction and also the laws of thermodynamics so my goal is to integrate them so not only do I attract but it generates such light and heat to spring a planet loose or set fire to patient kindling;  illuminate and eliminate. Heat and patterns together at last; and i’m getting adept at it.

I apologize for the negative slants in this blog towards some people patterns that have come through my life but sometimes the truth is the truth.  Politeness can be very damn exhausting when you don’t mean it.  Shalom!!!!!

Excited about Frenemies.  Have a poster, a promo video script and am now beginning the search for money as I wore my new suit for the first time in public.   Also starting to get my solo material together. My new working title is Looking for the Black Box of My Soul.  What do you think? Yes, you Mr. Jamison Whiskey commercial extra.


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