Forever 23 (Film)

“It’s just a thing, just a thing.”


When Jeremy Trevault, an exceptionally talented hockey player always on the brink of the NHL, runs away from his own wedding and unsuccessfully tries to kill himself in a motel, he escapes with a darling musician to break open the guilt-filled wrench of sabotage within him.


Full length feature film. Indie drama style.


Script completed.

For the Discerning Producer/Investor

Calendrome Productions presents Forever 23, a story of a hockey prodigy who has a lot going in inside and around him and, living his entire life in one area, finally runs a little physical distance away with Daisy Idaho, his singer-songwriter free swinging angel, who helps him run farther in other ways.  He’s moody, wants to paint, has a rocky relationship with his fans and, as the inventor of the Miracle Flip,  hates the idea of being some sort of Messiah in a town that loves then hates its icons as fast as a coin flip.

As a sports obsessed teenager who lived in a Philly suburb, I want to create a film that mixes my heritage with an honest, modern sports character. The atmosphere of the film is dirty, suburban Dylan, like it was filmed entirely inside a beat up blues guitar.

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