Coming Soon: Involution, A New American Symphony with words in various shades of D minor

I)  House of Funk and Scars
-Broken Love Machine
-Bein Ready

II)  Mortar of Feathers
-Turning Into the Wave
-Angels of Mercy vs the Angels of Desire — Cherubim/Seraphim on the backslide

III)  Radical Reconstruction
-Electoral Shock Therapy Blues
-Harmony and Tenderwood/Gravedigger and Baptisms

IV) Harmonic Bliss Convergence/Cantata of the Wedding Sleeve
-The Woman with the Whirling Green Eyes and the Chocolate Blonde Hair

Epilogue: Naked in the Coatroom, a bridge to standards

In the meantime, myself playing one of Chopin’s Etudes:

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