Fishbowl Zipper (Film)

There is one sculpture, in the corner. It’s made of wire, clay, plaster and blocks. It is a crossword puzzle if pulled into three dimensions and stretched upwards. And twisted inside of it is a figure of a slender woman, naked, with a turtle shell on her back, and she is reaching through the sky, her hand draped in feathers except for the tips of her fingers.


Fiona Hayes, a successful children’s writer and voluntarily confined to her house since her father’s funeral at 4 years old, must confront her restrictive boundaries when she meets the two men who will help her redraw them.


Full length feature film – drama.


Script completed.

For the Discerning  Producer/Investor/Dreamcatcher

Calendrome Productions presents the full length feature Fishbowl Zipper, based on a story by Kim Westerhoff. Set mostly in rural Kansas, this is a story of a highly imaginative and complex woman who has built a seemingly joyful prison out of her home through blending her fertile imagination and sensitivity with her conservative religious background.   This film offers a strong female actor a challenging part to play. It is also a love affair with the Midwest and, along with scenes where we see the world though Fiona’s animated eyes, gives the director and cinematographer a a free canvas to create two worlds: the boundless magical innocence of Fiona’s world enhanced by Midwestern landscapes conflicting with her tiny, confined physical world and the one rest of the world sees.

Please contact me ( for a copy of this poetic script.


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