Writing et al.

I’ve been writing since I was eight years old.  It never leaves me, even when I take long breaks.  I may die with a pen in my hand, assuming they still have pens eighty years from now.

The et al. (outside of acting; see that section) is mostly directing. I love film as it gives me a moving canvas to paint, with words, music and visual detail to accommodate my particular moon-fed imagination.  I’m inspired by so many filmmakers it doesn’t seem to end and I hope it never does.  John Cassavettes, Woody Allen, Fellini, Bergman, Elia Kazan, Mel Brooks, Trey Parker/Matt Stone, Jean-Pierre Jeunet, Michel Gondry, Billy Wilder and more.  Outstanding cinematography also inspires and riles me.

All of these projects are their own rhythm of heart beat.  I look forward to bringing them completely into the 3rd dimension.


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