Point of Venus (Novel)

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Inspiration of a Dream

The night of February 22, 2005 I had the most intense dream of my life.  I was so affected I had to write a book based on the visceral experience of the dream. This is the result, a piece of literary fiction of the mystical, coming of age sort.

Briefest of Synopses

Her reflection had one remaining sword by her plexigloss hips…Lona Margolis, thirty-two year old interior designer, flower arranger and sometimes model, one night sees her reflection in the mirror change shape while having strange interludes with a man’s voice.  As her mirror keeps reshaping and uncovering her, her neighbor, in an inspired frenzy, paints six portraits of her emerging essences.  They are all sold immediately and as she begins to follow clues about the origins of the man’s voice, she begins a coming of age journey of a slightly mystical involution, reuniting herself with each painting and grappling with unifying her latent inner landscapes as a daughter to a distant Russian born father, her potency as a healer and a modern Eve.









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