Fishing for heart quarks at warp 9

Some numbers I spell out in their word form and some I prefer to keep in their numerical for some reason; maybe the contour of the number itself or the meaning behind them; 9 is one of the them. It’s my favorite number and one of the purist; the devil doesn’t know what to do with it;

One dream I’ve always had is to have command of a starship; I’m a nerd and a geek and no matter what alternative universe you meet me in, whether I’m a heroin addict or President of the US (or both) or running a belgian waffle stand, I’ll always dream of the stars and having command of a ship; I’ve always thought in terms of battles; of war; in my head, I use military terms to buy groceries and confront people I haven’t even met; I must have been some type of field general in a past life; there’s an innate beauty to the art of war and at some point, with military habits to take the warrior ship and apply it more peacefully; I guess when you walk through a day like I do feeling some automated background madness that tells me I am never fully expressing myself it pushes you;

I do know that every so often I believe all of our alternate universal selves converge at a point and do so in the quantum heart and at those moments are when we have mystical movements, symphonies drop from the skies like cherries and we see our purpose in life, a clarity binge; I don’t know if I’ll ever get my own USS Enterprise but I do know that I was born to direct and born to create and born to be in charge of what I create. I had that revelation yesterday and flowing into today.  You have to give power away sometimes in order to really really miss it; when you get it back it’s like the prodigal son returning;  I feel very lucky to have my health and a good dose of creative madness wrapped in a Capricorn sensibility.  Let’s see what can be done with it now.


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