The twelve hour Joyday of madness

I just finished wrapping a one day shoot for a promotional trailer for Frenemies;  we started at 9am and last until about 8pm;  I forgot how how much crazy fun it is even getting something set up to film, let alone film it;  today I wanted to film our brief intro at a park in Williamsburg; it was cloudy i the mid forties; nobody was in the tony park and it offered a perfect view of Manhattan; however, there was a man driving around in one of those Popemobiles with dusters in front and he kept driving in circles and then finally, after hauling all of our equipment and I had laid down the track, drove up and told us we couldn’t film there without a permit because it was a state park and set me off for a bit;  a vacant park being told by a man whose job it was to drive a glorified Swiffer in circles with the swiffing portion one foot off the ground while his partner was mowing a February lawn with no live grass was a bit much for me not to consider I was dealing with a man who wanted no one to enjoy themselves; if the state of NY is that anally sewn up about it I will think twice about filming here. That man pissed off my anger; sometimes I get angry but my anger doesn’t get angry but today was a farce;  I look forward to mocking the state in the future in one of my pieces.

It set us back a couple of hours and we had to film in a soccer field next door;  I created  a physics challenge for filming as the angles were created in my mind for the Pope Swiffer I-Mobile Fascist Park; with my great cast/crew we managed and delivered enough good footage to give us something to use that will be rugged enough to be far enough away from too polished and give a peek of what this film is going to be; I want something filmed like it came out of 1975, windswept, messy sloppy and perfect;  I can’t wait until we get this filmed;

The day was a great great time;  I am exhausted and going to watch zombies now.


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