The elegance and fervor of a full moon in autumn

I’m a triple Capricorn (sun, moon and rising sign all in Capricorn).  That means my moon sits right on the cusp of my first house, the house of me so I am a moon man; I’m a casual werewolf with a body foliage disorder. When the moon gets the shakes, so do I. When it leaks, it dribbles right through me; as I stated many times, I am an oil pan for when the moon leaks and my imagination is boot legged from the stars.

Sometimes it gets a little too much, especially when all the Scorpio in my chart gets soaked with the crazy moon juice. Then it’s like I’m a walking rabid orgasm scarecrow.  This full moon coming feels especially vital, given we’re heading towards 2012 and all of the galactic alignment and so forth;  tonight I’ll put down my wishes and meditate and offer them to our haunting satellite with little secrets on its dark side; most times my mind tries to find reasons for heartache and sometimes there’s a solid match; but most times, it feels like the resonance of the tussle between the earth and the moon;

I do feel something today, more focus, a bit more empathic urgency and reality towards getting back on stage. Manifestation Madness sale, 80% off and no money down, we’ll give you $500 cash on your trade in….that’s my career and somewhere out there there’s an agent-werewolf type waiting for me to howl.

On another strange note, one person knows it has been most recently my dream to play Eleanor Roosevelt in a one man-woman show.   It popped into my head tonight so I plan to jot some notes down; what better than to have a thin white man portray such an elegant and pioneering lady?  I am Eleanor!  with special appearance by Gammpo the Sasquatch.





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