February is the month of respite, contraction and preparation; thank God and Pope Julian it’s the shortest month of the year.  Over my entire life’s haul thus far the month of February, while giving the Hallmark corporation another chance at spiking the suicide rate or at least sales of pharmaceuticals around February 14th, things in this month have alway been a little grey and droopy; if it weren’t for February maybe Crime and Punishment would have been one third short or it ends with a giant bikini parade on a Russian party frigate and Roskolnikov becomes a bartender, inventing his own drink names based on conversations with the left breast of each of the female shipmates. Now that’s an ending that Hollywood could embrace and reject and embrace and reject and ultimately reject, which is success. or one that would get the novel on a subway ad in NYC.  On Monday I sang two songs for my jazz vocal concert and filmed them and watched them at home.  I sang poorly; I sucked; one of those shaky nights;  I have turned it around in my head what the issue was; my heart wasn’t in it, I was thinking of alternate endings to great literary works perhaps or the song was in too high a key to set loose the barbarian blues love inspector voice that sits in the Barry White notes of my range, or maybe the words of the song didn’t resonate;   whatever it is, lets hope the next time I sing it’s with urgency and connection; my heart’s a damn wreck anyway, like Noah’s arc rammed into a supply ship full of flavored novelty condoms,

I’m going to write this blog Sunday evenings at least to build some consistency so the constellation of Orion and all his inhabitants know I will be here every week at the same time, more prompt than Cartesian time could allow.

And if you use TurboTax be a little wary as there are bugs in the system;  after filling it out I had my friend, an experience NY tax accountant check it over and if I had submitted as it was, I probably would be on my way to an underground science lab in Burma funded by the CIA to mate me with cybergenetic spy raccoons or some unethical nonsense.  Fortunately he caught the errors and I joked with him that Wesley Snipes wrote and approved the final coding for TurboTax.  TurbaoTax, Kid tested, Snipes approved.  Be wary.

If you dream your dog’s teeth are falling out does that mean great financial misfortune will befall your dog?  Moose needs to diversify her portfolio.

See you Sunday.


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