Peggy Guggenheim

Come to me,
Peggy Guggenheim
Sponsor me,
Peggy Guggenheim;
span your wealthy, knowing wings
over the brushes and voices that cannot sing
without you.

Maybe you’ve reincarnated as a dolphin,
Peggy Guggenheim
And Jackson Pollock is a sparrow

Well I once was a spider
and now I have eight hungry limbs
right now the the scene’s too dim
without your pulse and push.

So use your higher dolphin intelligence,
Peggy Guggenheim
and send me a human suitor with real humming eyes
Peggy Guggenheim
I’m gasping for art
and I got a symphony of sorts about to start
and before I waltz through that green heart shaped door
with that electric amoeba inside
I wonder if that’s you on the other side.

If you send me this sponsor,
Peggy Guggenheim
I’ll fight to have every Sea World closed down,
Peggy Guggenheim
and every dolphin will be free
and I can fan out like a tree
on acid.


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