Frenemies Mine

Anyone with an appreciation of 80’s sci fi movies will get the blog heading.  (Enemy Mine) Dennis Quaid as Dennis Quaid as an astronaut and Lou Gossett Jr as a self impregnating kind of scaly reptilian stuck together on a planet as mortal enemies and of course they make it work. It’s the ultimate interstellar bromance directed by Wolfgang Peterson.

Frenemies is the title of my full length feature.  Let me take you on a Willy Wonka journey of manifestation sans ‘The Secret’. No vision board needed.  A year ago it was a TV pilot and then I took this weekend filmmaking seminar with Dov Simmons, who is a human unfiltered cigarette; nothing is censored and most things smoke, but he inspired me to take my pilot and blow it out into a feature which is what I did last year around this time.  By about February I had it completed.  By March I bought a new ripping Apple MacPro that can direct air traffic for a regional metro airport and brush my dog, got the Final Cut X.  Then I bought a Canon 7D and had found a WEB developer to activate Calendrome Productions. All this happened over about three or four months.  By July I had the site up and running, looking professional and had started to film myself for my acting reel. It’s liberating when you don’t have to pay a complete stranger $500 to make a reel of something you’ll despise but won’t admit to yourself but somehow keep finding in your toilet.   I had started to shape an idea for an ad campaign for Kickstarter to raise money to shoot the whole thing, Cassevetes style for non-smokers.

Around July I went to a mixer for Brown Paper Tickets, an organization that helps you promote and organize yourself.  I met the owner and he told me they have someone on staff to help with getting organized with film production.  A couple of weeks later I touched base with Sita on their staff who specializes in film production;  we’ve formed a partnership really, talking on the phone back and forth for the last couple of months on the best way to move forward into bringing Frenemies off the vision board and onto film;  over the last couple of months we’ve cast the lead roles of Kate and Zach (I am Zach..keep in mind, I played Roger Sherman of Connecticut at Des Moines Dinner theater..”he reminded me of my dead husband” charmed one audience member who brought the median age down to 97 years), found a good DP, no easy feat, written and shaped a trailer and worked on a shooting sequence, set a shooting schedule, created a realistic budget and laid groundwork for the next several months.  Sita and I will continue to work together to make Frenemies the most spectacular anti-romantic romantic dark dramedy ever made.  And no gratuitous breast scenes except for my dog Moose and her eight nipples who will be playing the role of Crumbles, a demanding tour de force part for an older slightly rotund female canine. I’m excited because this is actually starting to happen.

The sequel will be called Frenemies Mine and I want to make the movie poster look like Enemy Mine so I can be green and bumpy. If I have to thumb wrestle or paintball Wolfgang Peterson to get his permission, I’m already in training.  Six hours a day.

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