Enter Pete’s Dragon

Finally, after much effort, a promotional trailer for Frenemies has been completed.  I love to mix pleasure with pleasure and so I’ll get it posted.  I’m pleased and look forward to the hundreds of thousands of dollars it will attract like a hungry magnet so I can film this ditty.  I look forward to the orgasmic powers of delegation as I was an artistic  Doctor Octopus and wrote, directed, starred, did the basic editing, scored and played the instruments and designed the dress Kate is wearing.  It’s been a great experience and probably saved me $100,000 in film school loans. Look forward to sharing soon and today, after a weekend of tying it together, is a comedown day where my brain feels like it’s drinking airline mini wines in a hotel near an unscheduled layover near Dallas Forth Worth International; exactly like that.

Now, a Kickstarter campaign will be posted to raise funds to hire someone to raise funds;  I once had this idea of having a fundraiser for a fundraiser in regards to my play Whorapy; how prophetic.  I just wish manifesting didn’t drive in the damn slow lane all the time;  if it’s got 8 under the hood, use it once in a while and squeeze the lemons out of the speed limit and let’s see how fast we can put dreams into the thirdest of dimensions.


Somewhere Bruce Lee swirls around inside me like a animated leviathan, full of muscular justice and righteous passion and when it surges to the surface, I try to funnel it into rhythm and words and slick movement through moments and sometimes, it gets away from me and I feel so large I can hear Jupiter squeaks when it turns.  Such are the reflections of a rainy Monday, where the body and mind feel contracted, to rest. 

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