30 Questions for the Incoming CA Governor

Questions for the next governor of California.  I know you will inherit a state legislature that’s the equivalent of the Politburo but there’s things that can be done. You have a year, make it count! Milquetoast and mediocre is not going to cut it!   The best way to make choices for the people is to have one foot in the present and one in the future when making choices fueled by the reality of a situation swirled with imagination and innovation.  It’s an old family recipe that cures the hiccups every time.

  1. What are you going to do about auditing this election system here? If this isn’t fixed, nothing else matters.  I know the Politburo passed ballot harvesting etc. but there’s got be a way. Innovate.
  2. What will you do about budget transparency?  The amount of money spent here for little piddly nothing in return is historically repugnant.  Communicate with the people, line item by line item. Here’s a nutty idea: use that government website and have a weekly open session with the people on a section of the budget so they see where their money goes.  Like any healthy relationship, communication is key.
  3. What will you do about restoring some balance between industry and environmentalism so half the state doesn’t burn down every summer?   Common sense is not racism! I know they’re putting $500 million into cutting down brush but a long-term plan needs implemented.  My house almost burnt down two years ago and I wish not to replay that.
  4. What will do about missing children and sex trafficking? Now that the holographic faux-President Clone Biden Replicant #5 is hell bent on letting his handlers destroy the country via no borders, this is going to get much worse.  I’m an adult male and even I’m getting a little nervous about getting scoped at the mall because of my long hair.   Actually, this should be number 1).  No country can be spiritually healthy with an epidemic like this. 
  5. What will you do about the Southern border?  How about putting up a wall like Texas is doing?   
  6. What will you do about sanctuary cities?  I get that throwing all illegals out of the country is not an option, these have to end.  Have you seen downtown Los Angeles?  Where are you going to keep them? Inside the rows of tents or the Hilton down the street from the rows of tents? 
  7. What will you do about the oncoming water crisis?  Get innovative, study Norway’s model of hydro-ocean plants. This problem isn’t going away.
  8. What will you do about education, Critical Race Theory?  Imagination over indoctrination, discipline over-indulgence.  These are simple places to start.  I know we have a Neo-Marxist cult here infecting the school system, but like all dystopian regimes, they always manage to take over many with a few.   Watching teachers sit on their ass for a year getting paid while teaching kids on Zoom that climate change is going to destroy their lives in ninety days so they can get on Ritalin as soon as possible is nonsense.  We have the worst school system in the country and probably spend the most???!????
  9. What will you do about education, sexualizing children?  I’ve seen some of the documentation on teaching twelve-year olds about anal sex.   Not acting due to fear of being called a ‘—phobe’ to let this continue means you don’t belong in office.  There is an agenda to normalize pedophilia.  It needs to stop. Five years ago.
  10. What will be done about teaching civics?  There is no greater weapon against tyranny than a fully educated population.  Children should be taught civics like I was when I was seven years old.  I can’t believe it’s not.   Memorizing the preamble to the Constitution and knowing the Bill of Rights in your own government by eight years old sounds a bit more advanced than teaching them how to masturbate by eight years old. We’ll devolve into animals if this isn’t stopped.
  11. What will you do about reparations to business owners for these lockdowns? If I even have to explain this, you don’t belong in office.  See my previous video on having a statewide bloc party funded by the government and given to restaurant owners.
  12. What will you do to entice businesses to return (AND STAY)?  How about getting rid of that flat corporate fee of $800/year for merely existing?   Lots of single owner proprietorships are LLC and it’s one more brick on the back of small businesses trying to get started.   I’m probably going to move because of this single issue. 
  13. What will you do about restricting the tax code so that it benefits the middle class AND is collected properly without creating loopholes big enough to drive a Tesla through?  Double meaning intended here!  Close the damn loopholes.  Rich people are great at getting out of paying taxes. Not anymore.
  14. What will you do about cleaning out these government agencies?  Throwing more money at a problem only seems to make Gavin Newsome richer. I don’t like that formula.  
  15. What will you about the homeless?  Enticing them to stay free at a hotel while getting fresh heroin needles hasn’t worked. Nor has throwing 6 thousand billion dollars at the problem so eager bureaucrats can get rich while fantasizing about moving up the day when their Chinese overlords reach our shores.  Imagination and innovation!  There’s always a solution.
  16. What will you do about the mentally ill homeless?  I lived in downtown LA for two years and got tired of not knowing who might turn around and spit on my dog or punch me in the face for no reason other than they need help. And they need help. Spend the tax money on something worthwhile and help these people!
  17. What will you do about the California Department of Public Health?  This ties into 14) but is worth its own category after the last year.    Getting sadistic tweets on keeping a mask on between bites of food tells me this department should probably be cut.  They don’t give a damn about public health when there’s hepatitis and urine all over the sidewalks in downtown LA. Instead, they play mind games with the middle class here they despise so much.   It’s a big money and power hustle.  Get rid of these people.
  18. What will you do about the utilities?  Having brown-outs in 120 degree heat so our elderly can spontaneously combust is demonic.  Living in the East Coast, utility companies have to deal with heat, freezing cold, thunderstorms, tornadoes, hurricanes, hail and somehow still don’t have brown-outs (assuming your city is not run by a Communist).  Here, it’s sunny 104% of the year.  How the hell is this possible?  Fix it!   Start researching alternate energy forms other than ones dependent upon weather and time of day.  
  19. Speaking of rackets, how about closing these subsidy loopholes (this ties into the budget transparency) to green energy companies? I get tired of reading about billion dollar taxpayer funded alternate energy subsidies to green companies that tank but make the owner rich.  Stand up to this crap.
  20. Are you going to support getting rid of all gas cars by 2035?  Educating people on how environmentally friendly electric cars really are would be a good start.  No more room for dirty little secrets anywhere.
  21. What will you do about cutting the government down?  It’s too big. Something like what Trump did with regulations might work: for every government job created, cut two (or three or seven!).  A systematic review of every position from executive director to janitor would be a good idea.  This is no time in history to go half-sies!
  22. What will be done with aligning California state laws with the Constitution?  You will be the executive branch. I’m not a legal expert but it seems some of these CA laws on the books violate the US Constitution, especially the 1st, 2nd and 4th.  If so, every single law on the books right now needs thorough constitutional review and whichever ones don’t pass muster needs to be put to the courts.  If the word of law can’t be honored, forget it. 
  23. What will you about helping to restore balance of power?  After over a year of Autocratic King George III rule, what will you do to ensure that never happens again? Rescind all of these executive orders, propose some sort of legislation to keep one person from having so much power ever again.
  24. What about China?  I mention this because China seems to have a lot of money (and Land) invested in the Golden State.  Plus, when this whole pandemic started, Newsom shelled out a billion dollars to buy masks from a company in China, the country that gave us the damned virus!  No legislative oversight, nothing.  How did he know to ring up China?  I get that a lot of these politicians probably think that when China takes over the country, they’ll get to keep their job as regent of the new global regime for fleecing the people.  They don’t Communists very well.  Constitution First.
  25. What will be done to remove corporate lawyers from legislation?  Laws and these propositions are written to be confusing, especially non-English speaking/reading. Laws are longer than textbooks.  For my tax dollars, I expect the legislators with those juicy pensions to actually write the laws they vote on and when that happens, watch the sales of Crayolas syrocket!  Get corporate lawyers anorting coke in a hotel room in Tahiti out of our government!
  26. How about term limits for all state legislators?  Why does the governor have two terms but these state Congress people can perch themselves for as long as they wish?
  27. What will you do about freebies to illegals?  I can’t even believe this has to be addressed. 
  28. What will you do about utilizing the most resource rich state in the country?  California is a country of its own.  And one of the strengths of a country is its ability to be self-reliant. Giving a bunch of idiotic, scumbag politicians a blank check to spend our money knowing they can screw up and get a bail out from their friends in Washington is no way to run a first-world country.  
  29. What will you do about big tech? I know they’re kingpins here but that’s why you need to diversify businesses so you’re not beholden to them legislatively.  Despite their current position, their reign will not last forever as alternate forms emerge.  You can’t screw half the market and expect to succeed!  First Amendment first.
  30. What will you do about these so-called 501C charities that are being used to funnel/hide money?  It’s funny to me to see how so many of these so-called 501C’s seem to serve as a non-tax based savings account for people/corporations to use for whatever reason that usually has little to do with charity.  Tax them!  You want revenue, tax them.

Basically, what I would do is hire people around me that I could trust regardless of party affiliation so ideas and solutions can be generated that no one thought possible. The Founding Fathers, the Apostles, every great rock band all fought and bickered but stuck through because they all had a common Love of something and all changed history.  That’s what we need now, paradigm shifters who can weave the noblest parts of our past into a future that demands we confront and embrace more than we thought possible.

Best of luck to whomever runs.

-Lee Barton



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