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I just  returned from two weeks in Rochester, NY working at RIT doing computer consulting, staying at a hotel with my slightly disgruntled dog.  Leaving NYC is a balance in polarity; here too long and I want to flee; gone too long I need to be back.   The hotel reminded me that good pillows should be a constitutional amendment, more worthy than right to bear arms and other obsolete nonsense that litter our little legislative ditty.

I love hotels.  I glamorize them because I always imagine myself on tour performing. Then it’s a triumph o’er the spirit.  I just realized ‘ o’er ‘ is not red squigglied to be spell checked.  That’s retro fantastic. Thine. Fie.  Just checking. I digress.   This time, I was doing computer stuff, a career that has sustained me but is winding down and fizzling away and making it harder and harder to sustain while my inner life is ballooning outward as chunks of verse and notes and Hamlet monologues.  However, I get to work from home the remainder of my stint and I am grateful.

Today I went to the New Life expo, a trade show for health practitioners, psychics and such to peddle their ways. I always go and usually have a mini reading done. Today I had my aura photographed with a followup interpretation by their empathic minister.  Russians developed this technology and I know I sound like a Communist for simple minds who think 1 to 1 like that, but I trust Russian technology in some ways more than American. They seem to have ins on a lot of roads that we haven’t spent time plowing or grazing or paving.  And so I found out about my aura and my reading rattled me a bit.  Good rattling, Reminder rattling.  Sometimes you need to remember what you are, and for me that is a creative servant to the world through harmonics of words and sound.  Spiritual chiropractic adjustment.

One thing she said which I will share and which I agree is that we the species are tumbling towards destiny where we’ll either ascend or blow ourselves up, as we have apparently developed the skill of doing it more than once.  In the spiritual crosshairs we are right now. Twist the DNA a degree this way or that and there we go.  It’s good to grapple to get there. This way or that.  The other thing she said is to not let religion and dogma get in the way of my self expression which I not only embrace but fight to relieve myself in terms of Catholic upbringing, mental coffee stains, papal rash, many more euphemisms on their way soon.

I did get to write in the hotel for one day which is all I could muster, sitting all day buried in a computer at my job.   Still approaching the end of my novel.

I did watch the debates.  I’m voting third party. That’s all I want to say about politics.  Too close to my bedtime.


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  1. Love the “spiritual chiropractic adjustment” lol. And I fully get the challenges of allowing oneself to be free with self-expression in the face of a strict religious upbringing. I’m finally allowing myself to write whatever wants to come out. Great post, all the best to you…

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